Wholesale Swimwear by Relleciga and Colloyes

Looking for wholesale swimwear for your boutique or e-commerce store?

Why buy through No 1. Style Icon?

In 2014 No 1. Style Icon secured the exclusive rights to sell and distribute Relleciga swimwear in Singapore and we can now supply you with all the great styles at wholesale prices without having to make large purchases.

No 1. Style Icon is looking to promote Relleciga swimwear in Singapore throughout 2015 including a special event in April at Takashimaya which should provide a good marketing opportunity for No. 1 Style Icon and Relleciga.

To learn more About Us or Call today to find out how to carry these great swimsuits before your competition does!

Wholesale Yoga Clothing from YoFit Style

YoFit Style yoga clothing now available to Singapore, South Korea and the US!

Why carry YoFit Style yoga clothing?

As we know for the last couple of years Yoga style clothing has become very popular with more than just those practicing Yoga, many wear Yoga clothing for everyday wear because it is so comfortable to stylish.

No 1. Style Icon has been working closely with several manufacturers from China and South Korea to bring you several styles of wholesale Yoga clothing to fit any budget.

We are looking to market YoFit Style Yoga clothing throughout Singapore and we are sure it would be a great addition to your existing clothing line.

To learn more About Us or Call today to find out how to carry YoFit Style in your store today!

Where to buy Relleciga or Colloye’s Swimwear (Retail)

Looking to purchase Relleciga or Colloyes in Singapore?

Relleciga and Colloyes swimwear now available online!

In late 2014 No. 1 Style Icon debuted Relleciga and Colloyes swimwear in Singapore through the online retailer Zalor.sg. We have supplied them with our best styles and invite you to visit their website to make your purchase. Click here for Relleciga and here for Colloyes.

No.1 Style Icon will also be at Takashimaya in April and early May for a special event where you can see many more styles and purchase Relleciga swimwear in person! We will be carrying a full selection of Bikini’s, Monokini’s and the Relleciga exclusive Rikini which is a bathing suit that can be worn 6 different ways!